CHANGE LIFE, CHANGE WORK: The Malta experience

CHANGE LIFE, CHANGE WORK: The Malta experience

A journey of a thousand kilometres always begins with a first step – Lao Tzu

Moving to a new city and changing one’s life can be perceived as an exciting and completely new experience: the enthusiasm for the novelty, the feeling of rebirth, the courage to take risks and put oneself on the line to embark on a new life project. These are all elements that contribute to making the choice of a move full of positive planning.

Sooner or later, however, these moods are also accompanied by fears and uncertainties: settling into a new foreign reality may not be easy.

How can one deal with difficulties without losing sight of one’s initial motivation?

If a journey of a thousand kilometres always starts with the first step, then I will tell you about mine.

I will try to orient you and tell you about my experience of moving to the wonderful island of Malta, so that all that is left for you to do is to take the second step.

I moved to Malta almost eight months ago, to rediscover myself and my professional enthusiasm, which had been almost dulled by the work situation in my home country.

I wanted to be reborn and to feel productive and fulfilled.

And here I was in a new place, with a different language, a different culture, even a different driving system, I felt lost but a great desire to succeed.

In the process of relocation, one always encounters a lot of resistance and doubts about being able to cope with change, feeling disoriented and alone.

But these feelings do not during forever!

Getting used to a new country always takes time and confidence in one’s own strength. At first everything seems difficult, then the perspective changes.

After a few months, I found a job I love, the house I was looking for and I started to feel Malta as my second home, a feeling of double belonging that I had never felt before.

Motivation grows if we don’t lose sight of the goal… to increase our quality of life. If you find yourself in a similar decision-making process, don’t give up! Keep persevering and channel your energy into your strength.

Between the desire to change and reality, there is a path to take, a journey that is first and foremost an inner one that we must face with courage, awareness and confidence.

Before moving to Malta, on my inner journey, I encountered the past and thanked it for all the experiences that allowed me to grow, I began to live in the present, imagined the future and understood who I am, what I wanted and what I lacked. That vision is now a reality.

Mine is not just meant to be a testimony, but an invitation to courage to follow all the steps necessary for one’s own evolution, only then can turn an ordinary life into something epic!

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