Client promo – Coffee Fellows comes to Malta

Client promo – Coffee Fellows comes to Malta

Sitting at the new corner café which has just opened its doors on November 19th,  I can see that Coffee Fellows is nothing like any of the franchises we have in Malta. While the place looks like a casual restaurant, there are no servers, the kitchen is behind the bar in an open space, giving it a relaxed ‘at home’ feeling and all their coffees and teas are organically produced and freshly delivered.

To get a more accurate idea of what Coffee Fellows is all about, we met with Luke Sapiano, an esteemed client of ours and one of the four founders behind the franchise, for a chat. “Coffee Fellows is all about providing an all-round quality experience for patrons”, he said.  The brand was founded in 1999, in Munich, Germany and now there are currently 240 outlets in Europe and Asia. Sustainability is the main component of the brand’s corporate identity and it is integrated in everything involved – from the organically grown coffee beans (which will be available for purchase in the coming months), to the recyclable packaging used, to the generous selection of vegan snacks available at their shops. Additionally, there are no servers and patrons can place orders by scanning a code on the tables or else through the brand’s mobile app, reducing footprint/waste. In using the mobile app, customers will benefit from loyalty points to encourage continued custom.

Everything in the coffee shop has been carefully selected and is a standard item/process of the brand. The coffee machine is of Italian manufacture and is exclusive to the Coffee Fellows’ brand. The décor is provided by the franchise owners, and the outlet set up and designed in a way that helps maintain the ‘Feel at home’ motto the brand adopts. The selection of bagels, cakes, cookies and other snacks, are brought in directly from Germany. Smoothies, juices, Acai Bowls, wraps and salads are made on order from fresh ingredients. The coffee shop has local beer and beer on draft – they will soon be adding German brews and craft beers too. After work, the outlet offers aperitifs and alcoholic beverages as well. The idea is to offer patrons the option to stay there and feel comfortable, no matter what time of the day it is – from a coffee and a bagel in the morning while working remotely, a salad in the afternoon to an after-work aperitif with colleagues / friends later on. Just like being at home, the outlet’s versatility caters for all times of the day.

Coffee Fellows is not just for patrons but is also available online. One can order coffee batches, purposely roasted for Malta, organic teas and food items too. The group will be opening a second outlet in Avenue77 – a Business Development Project housing big companies. The premises will include offices, communal and meeting spaces, a retail space at ground level and customer parking underground. Coffee Fellows will be amongst others retail outlets, including Panku – a new Pan-Asian streetfood concept which is set to open soon.

Luke speaks very passionately about their projects, admitting that they take up the majority of his time at present. When he is not working, Luke enjoys a game of Padel and Football, and cooking at home for his family.

As our chat comes to an end, we expressed how excited we are to see more from the group and wish them success along every step of the way.

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