Chef Jobs in Malta


Feel the island-life, enjoy the great weather all year round, scroll to see more information about Chef work in Malta.


Chefs positions are available in Malta

Our numerous clients are looking to employ responsible and experienced Chefs and Chefs de Partie to ensure the daily smooth running of their food venues.

Professional skill is a necessity to ensure that all food they serve is beyond their clientele’s expectations, but the critical element for the persons we pick is a passion for the food which we believe is what will give that extra magic touch to dishes preparation and wow our clients.

The Chefs we are looking for are professional and they should ensure to create the best recipes and create an environment where these always are produced to their best version by him/herself or through clear specifications to the team. We believe that our clients patrons need to have the peace of mind that whenever they sit down at restaurants / hotels tables or they recommend places to someone, the same high standards in food preparation always apply to everyone and attention is given to the very last detail.

These qualities are definitely something that will ultimately keep long-term reputation and relationships between you and our clients which is our ultimate goal.

These positions are based in Malta, a highly sought-after location for job-seekers in the past years due to the abundant work opportunities that have been booming since the touristic population has doubled up in the past ten years.

Together with the benefits of island-life and the great weather of the Maltese islands, with 300 days of sunshine, every year are a combination of a healthy work-life balance.


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