Working in Finance in Malta


Feel the island-life, enjoy the great weather all year round, scroll to see more information about work in Finance sector in Malta as accountant or auditor.


Many of our clients are looking to employ responsible and experienced Accountants and Auditors across the Maltese Islands. Experience in the role and fluency in any other language apart from English will be considered an asset. Finance sector jobs in Malta have been high on demand from job seekers in Europe for the lifestyle the islands have become famous for. The weather in Malta has an average of 300 sunny days a year, making it one of the best countries to live in.

This position is based in Malta, a highly sought-after location for people searching for a job as Accountant / Auditor in the past couple of years due to the abundant work opportunities and constant growth in Maltese finance sector that has been booming since the touristic population has more than doubled up in the past ten years.

Together with the benefits of island-life and the great weather of the Maltese islands, with 300 days of sunshine, every year are a combination of a healthy work-life balance.


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