Going for an Interview ? Useful tips to get in mind

How To Ace That Job Interview!

We’ve all wondered how we can prepare for that interview we just got called for. When you’re interviewing for a job, the little things you do or say, do make a big difference. Unfortunately, even a small mistake can cost you that job you’ve been craving to have.

Every company has its own techniques, but covering the basics before going for that important job interview might help you ace that interview and land the job of your dreams. From how you dress for the job, to checking what the company you applied with stands for, these little details add up a lot.


Do Your Research

Before going in for that interview, make sure that you did enough research about the company that you applied for. It doesn’t look good if you are asked questions about the company, and you don’t even know what their core business is . Just a quick look at their website, the company’s aims and motto along with their services will help you understand more about the company,  while also showing the employer that you’re interested in their company.


Dress To Impress

First impression is everything when it comes to meeting a potential employer. While dressing to impress is important, it is also important that your choice of outfit is fit for the role that you are applying for. While certain job roles require a suit, other roles might require a smart casual appearance. Dressing appropriately for a job interview means that you match your outfit to the role that you wish to get hired in.

Be Well Prepared

While you should always take a copy of your resume with you, and mentally preparing yourself will help in dealing with unnecessary stress while you’re waiting to get interviewed. Many employers ask a lot of questions, and while most might be about the role itself and your experience, others might be generic open-ended questions. So prepare yourself for questions about your strengths or weaknesses or even about where you see yourself in five years. They might not ask you anything of the sort, but if they do, you’ll be prepared!


The Interview  

It is highly important that you are not late for the interview, arriving a few minutes early will help you calm down. As you go in for the interview, make sure that you are energetic and enthusiastic while offering a firm handshake. Don’t dwell on past experiences, look confident and be yourself. Make the interview a conversation, while answering what you are asked in a composed manner.


Follow Up

It would be nice that after your interview, you send a thank you e-mail to the person who interviewed you by thanking him for his time.


If you don’t land the job, ask for feedback. There is nothing wrong to ask for feedback, at the end of the day it can help you in your next interview.

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