Reference Number: LC106


Reporting to: The Managing Pharmacist

A vacancy for a  ‘beautician’ has become available. As a beautician, you are required to have a recognized Beauty Therapy Certification at NQF level 3. You are also required to have good computer skills and good communication skills. A full course on how the laser works, will be given to the selected candidate.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Point of Sale – be able to operate point of sale equipment and performing transactions including cash sale, memberships and appointment booking;
  • Punctuality – ensure designated opening and closing times are respected;
  • Laser Clinic – Clinic should at all times be well maintained in a clean and organized manner;
  • Cleaning Log Sheet – The cleaning log sheet is to be updated at the end of every maintenance upkeep of the clinic and machine filter cleaning; 5. Hygiene – Instruments used are to be sterilized following a prescribed sequence before every use; 6. H&B Portal – Have a good knowledge of the appointment scheduler and be responsible for booking appointments to new and regular customers;
  • Membership –Control of customer membership application and distribution as well as expiration dates;
  • Perform stock control procedures playing an active role in ensuring the availability of products to minimize out of stock situations. This is done by ordering non dispensary stock in accordance with company procedures and policies, following up the order with managing pharmacist and store staff and receiving and processing the order;
  • Dispensing – Liaise with the Managing Pharmacist to identify responsibilities of a dispensary assistant. Develop drug knowledge enabling you to handle prescriptions and over the counter medication under the pharmacist’s supervision;
  • Imports – Have a good knowledge of import products and cosmetics and be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of your role in maximizing profitability;
  • Offer alternatives to OTCs and toiletries in a non hesitant fashion by clearly explaining to client the equality to the original product;
  • Regularly reviewing SOPs to keep updated on procedures required by the company;
  • Regularly reviewing Job Description as guidelines with the Managing Pharmacist;
  • Minimize expiries by stock rotation and avoiding ordering extra stock.


  • Greet, interact and build relationships with customers;
  • Maintain a professional appearance (full uniform);
  • Acknowledge and greet customers with a smile;
  • Offer to help rather than waiting to be asked, always friendly and easy to talk to;
  • Establish rapport with customers;
  • Listen attentively, express understanding and empathy, ask pertinent questions to determine a customer’s need whilst respecting customers’ privacy;
  • Deliver service to customers – offer sound advice and services, referring to colleagues and/or other health care professionals when appropriate;
  • Strike a balance between not making customers feel rushed and not making others wait;
  • Respond to customer’s complaints and deal with difficult customers – resolve complaints quickly and without argument;
  • Say ‘Thank you!’ when the transaction is completed.
  • Apply Point-of-Sale handling procedures;
  • Operate Point-of-Sale equipment;
  • Perform Point-of-Sale transactions;
  • Complete sales;
  • Wrap and pack goods;

Computer Literacy, fluency in the use of:

  • Winsims, Microsoft Excel;Skype;Microsoft Word; H&B Portal 
  • Making use of the appointment scheduler and client data;

Demonstrate and communicate to laser aesthetician, a clear understanding of management’s objectives of striking a balance between effectively meeting customer needs in terms of specification, cost and time and the need to do this efficiently, i.e. through adequate levels of resources (time efficiency, hygienic, approachable);

Demonstrate cost consciousness and the impact of costs on the bottom line:

  • Missed sales opportunities;
  • Inventory discrepancies (wrong labeling or pricing, system versus physical quantities etc.)
  • Holding un-sellable inventory;
  • Expired products:
  • Pilferage;
  • Cash discrepancies;
  • Overheads e.g. telephone, water & electricity.

IMMEDIATE PLACEMENTS for candidates with fluent English, meeting all the above requirements.

Job Overview

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