Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

Are you an innovative and effective Senior Operational Leader with experience in the global e-commerce and gamification industries?

We are looking for a highly organised and motivated Chief Operating Officer to oversee our organisation’s ongoing procedures. You will be the company’s second-in-command, responsible for the efficiency of the business and its internal departments. You will execute directives, implement vision and leadership and maintain control of diverse business operations. You must be confident, strong-minded and self-motivated, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

All in all, the Chief Operating Officer will work with the Chief Executive Officer to drive growth and authenticity.

Person Specification:

● A strong understanding of internal business operations including, but not limited to, HR, Finance, Marketing and Design
● Competent in strategic planning and business development
● Knowledge of performance metrics and data analysis
● Outstanding leadership abilities and excellent interpersonal skills
● Organised and hard working; must be prepared to create schedules for the team to work from
● Demonstrated knowledge of legal compliance and procedures
● Exceptional oral and written communication skills; must be able to provide negative and positive feedback
● Experience of budget management and financial-risk calculation
● Strong mathematical skills; must be able to measure profitability and performance data
● Strong team motivator
● Willingness to make difficult decisions and problem-solve.


● Revise Chief Executive Officer’s quarterly plan and make adjustments where necessary
● Oversee Shipping, Marketing, Finance, Design and Customer Support teams
● Provide staff mentoring; ensure that employees carry out duties as required in the quarterly plan
● Performance assessment; motivate employees to meet or surpass organisational goals, and, if necessary, step in to provide guidance or warning to underperforming individuals
● Measure performance in relation to organisational goals; if there are shortfalls, work with the Chief Executive Officer and wider team to identify solutions
● Complete competitor research and recognise trends; apply findings to the website’s strategy
● Remote working; the team uses Slack to communicate.
● Assess relevant candidates in the recruitment process.


● Proven experience as Chief Operating Officer (or relevant experience to be outlined in application)
● A video game enthusiast with knowledge of the gamification industry
● Willing to work flexible hours.

IMMEDIATE PLACEMENTS and EXCELLENT REMUNERATION for candidates meeting all the above requirements and skills.

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