Housekeeping Attendant

Reference Number: LC129

Housekeeping Attendant

We are looking for experience, professional ‘Housekeeping Attendants’ to join our agency.

Job Description:

  • Clean and service assigned rooms and other areas as per the standards and procedures of the Hotel you are working in. This may include making guests´ beds, dustings, vacuuming, cleaning guests’ bathrooms, and removing rubbish and other trash, cleaning any crockery in the room, and any coffee and tea makers. To also sanitize all areas of the guest room and bathroom, and any outdoor terrace/balcony as per Hotel Policies or as instructed.
  • Perform turn down duties as instructed by your superiors.
  • Wear all protective clothing as per Hotel Policy/Local Health and Safety laws in Malta.
  • Notify your supervisor/front desk once a room has been cleaned and serviced and is ready for use, as per Hotel Policies and as instructed by your supervisor.
  • Report any maintenance issues or any repairs needed in a room or any unsafe conditions in a room or in any of the public areas to your supervisor, as instructed and as per Hotel Procedures.
  • Follow all the Health and Safety procedures of the Hotel and all Health and Safety procedures as per local Maltese law.
  • Should you receive any direct complaints from guests or any special requests please take action on these immediately, and if you are unable to take action yourself, notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Make sure that you are controlling all supplies and amenities as per guidelines issued for the Housekeeping Department and do your best to control and minimise waste.
  • Handle all chemicals as per Hotel Procedures.
  • Report and turn in all lost and found items as per Hotel Policies and Procedures.
  • Finish all set tasks on time and ensure that all guests are satisfied with the cleanliness of their rooms.
  • Assist in any additional tasks assigned by the Housekeeping Supervisor/Executive Housekeeper with a positive and can-do attitude. (this may from time to time include deep cleaning duties in the guest rooms or other public areas)
  • Is flexible in his/her availability to be able to work shifts as needed.


  • Frequent handling of equipment and other object to make sure that the Hotel is being kept and maintained as per Hotel standards.
  • Bending /stopping/kneeling on a daily basis to perform cleaning duties
  • Expected to spend long hours on your feet and expected to be able to walk around all areas of the Hotel as needed, on a daily basis.
  • Able to work alone without close supervision and also able to work as part of a team

 Candidates must be EU Ctizens or able to travel to Malta easily.

IMMEDIATE PLACEMENTS for candidates with fluent English, meeting all the above requirements.

Job Overview

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