Pipe Fitter

Reference Number: LC291

Pipe Fitter

One of our clients is looking for a pipe fitter to build and maintain mechanical piped systems. The selected candidate will need to read blueprints, set specifications, lay out plans for installation, and prepare pipes. Applicants ideally should be able to use pneumatic and hydraulic tools following safety guidelines. Additionally, s/he would need to have experience in both residential, commercial and industrial settings, and with pipes of different materials (steel, PVC, plastic etc.).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Review blueprints (plan and schematic level) to understand requirements
  • Set and modify specifications
  • Inspect and prepare sites for construction operations
  • Measure and cut pipes according to requirements
  • Weld, assemble, and lubricate pipes
  • Install and secure pipes (e.g. with clamps)
  • Test functionality of hydraulic and other systems
  • Repair malfunctions, breakages, or leaks
  • Use and maintain tools (e.g. pneumatic drill, saws)
  • Collaborate with other workers (e.g. plumbers, painters) to produce finished constructions
  • Follow safety guidelines and use protective equipment (e.g. goggles)

Person Specification:

  • Proven experience as a pipefitter
  • Knowledge of health and safety guidelines when dealing with dangerous equipment or chemicals
  • Good numerical and problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to lift heavy loads
  • Ability to work in shifts and/or overtime
  • Valid license
  • Have strong numerical and communication skills

IMMEDIATE PLACEMENTS for candidates meeting all the above requirements and skills.

Job Overview

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