Technician Manufacturing Malta

Reference Number: SM198

Technician Manufacturing

The technician is responsible for carrying out constant preventive, corrective and breakdown maintenance on equipment, systems, services, installations and tools in order to minimise loss of production time caused by equipment and machinery breakdown, while adhering to cGMP, company policies and procedures, EHS, Good Engineering working principles and the relevant regulations at all times. He / She should also ensure that tablets of good quality are produced, is capable of operating all machines within the Manufacturing department, perform setup and change over operations where required. The technician is responsible for continuously assisting production equipment, systems and people, to always improve on output and quality within a framework of controlled costs and EHS.

Main Tasks and Key Responsibility:

  1. To check regularly all equipment and machinery and ensures good working order condition. The engineering technician is expected to check the status of the work handover log-book at the start of the shift, to follow the maintenance schedule, to document all activities performed and to log the status of work at the end of the shift as well as providing a suitable handover.
  2. To report to the immediate supervisor any deviations from policies and procedures.
  3. To report any fault and/or damage immediately and take an active role in rectification of such faults. To operate and test all equipment and machinery as and when required. To assist in the department’s inventory management, by performing stock-takes, ensuring adequate stocks of spare lists are in-house at all times, and updating the associated inventory records.
  4. To provide technical know-how and experience in the development of design, installation, operation, maintenance procedures and improvements of facilities, services/systems and equipment.
  5. To carry out modifications and new installation work on facilities, services/systems, equipment as directed and to expand and update operation and maintenance knowledge of all facilities, services/systems and equipment.
  6. To give on the job training to new employees and when necessary, to communicate with colleagues so as to improve the overall performance of the Engineering & Maintenance Division.
  7. To assist in the Validation activities and in the periodical calibration of instruments, equipment and machines as directed.
  8. To supervise and accompany outside contractors’ personnel carrying out maintenance, servicing or installation works, and thereby ensuring that work is carried out according to cGMP, company policies and procedures, EHS, Good Engineering working principles and the relevant regulations at all times.
  9. To assist in the analysis of production performance data and identify opportunity for improvements.
  10. To maintain all company property with which you have been provided, in a good condition. Ensure that workplaces and technical areas are kept tidy and in orderly fashion, and escalate any abnormalities.
  11. To perform any other additional duties that may arise from time to time.

Preferred Education & Work Experience:

  1. Full technician certificate or Advanced Technician Diploma or equivalent with a minimum of MQF Level 4.
  2. Basic computer literacy is essential


  1. Ability to work in a methodical and organised manner.
  2. Must have excellent troubleshooting skills and possess the ability to analyse problems rationally and provide solutions.
  3. Ability to demonstrate excellent people / communication skills.
  4. Ability to work unsupervised and on own initiative.
  5. Ability to work under pressure.
  6. Ability to work with tools and have a hands-on approach.
  7. Must be a team player.


Job Overview

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