IMCU Staff Nurse

Reference Number: LC341

IMCU Staff Nurse (Applicants must be EU Nationals)

Reports to: Nursing Officer – Head of Department

One of our clients, is looking for an IMCU Staff Nurse who will possess clinical expertise and will supervise and deliver direct patient care in the IMCU. He/she will also manage the IMCU on a shift-by-shift basis developing an awareness of strategic management in the absence of the HOD / DNO.  The successful applicant will be maintaining key working relationships with:

  • IMCU Head of Department and Deputy Nursing Officer
  • IMCU Medical Staff and Multidisciplinary Team
  • IMCU Nursing Team
  • Hospital Multidisciplinary Team Members
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Drivers
  • Students/Interns

Job Responsibilities:

  • Actively participate in the delivery of patient and family care, and act as a specialist clinical adviser to the students, nursing and medical team, and other hospital departments as required.
  • On a shift-to-shift basis supervise and co-ordinate effective planning, delivery, evaluation and monitoring of standards of care carried out at IMCU for all patients, with due regard to the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of patients and their families.
  • Ensure effective communication with patients and their relatives, keeping them informed of progress and treatment, and providing support and help as required.
  • In the patient’s best interest carry out extended role nursing procedures, such as ambulance support, casting, and haemodynamic monitoring as per unit policies, following a competency-based training programme.
  • Develop the role in accordance with the Council for Nurses and Midwives (CNM), Malta, Scope of Professional Practice.
  • Ensure nursing care is delivered in accordance with Hospital policies; Departmental (IMCU) standard procedures and practices; CNM’s Code of Conduct and the Scope of Professional Practice.
  • Co-ordinate and actively participate in safe and effective transportation of patients.
  • Participate in health care promotion for patients, relatives & staff.
  • Accurately interpret the significance of patients’ clinical signs, recognise the limitations of own sphere of responsibility and promptly refer patient to appropriate personnel.
  • Undertake impeccable infection control practices.

Management in Leadership (In the absence of HOD):

  • Effectively co-ordinate the operation within IMCU on a regular basis, facilitating appropriate and economic use of resources, including organising adequate manpower, and liaising with appropriate multidisciplinary team members.
  • During a shift “in charge” co-ordinate IMCU staffing ensuring that the Head of Department is aware of deficiencies but as the post holder be self-proactive in resolving the problem. Ensure that documentation of all shift changes are recorded accurately.
  • Actively participate in the management of robust communication channels within the nursing and interdisciplinary team to achieve a cohesive service and effective care delivery.
  • Act as an exemplary role model who leads by example in regard to professional attitudes, conduct, and appearance and with regard to the Hospital Service Standards.
  • Ensure adequate established levels of medical, surgical and pharmaceutical supplies are available.
  • Uphold and maintain Hospital policies and statutory regulations relating to Health and Safety, Infection Control, Fire Management, Major Incident, and Risk Management procedures.
  • Actively participate in the development of unit projects, encouraging innovation and creativity.
  • Under the supervision of the Head of Department actively contribute to the implementation of change in response to clinical and organisational demands and innovations. Support junior staff during times of change.
  • In the absence of a more senior nurse, ensure that any complaints are dealt with professionally, in a timely manner and according to hospital’s policy.

Education and Professional Development:

  • To take responsibility for professional self-development in order to achieve a minimum of the requirements for registered nurses in Malta as stated in the Maltese Code of Ethics for Nurses and Midwives,1997.
  • As a shift leader ensure an environment conducive to learning and staff development.
  • Contribute to providing a comprehensive orientation programme to new members of staff.
  • Undertake competency-based equipment training and participate in cascade training; act as link trainer. Maintain in depth knowledge and experience/trouble-shooting ability for complex equipment appropriate to the delivery of Emergency care, e.g., cardiac monitoring equipment, transport/transfer equipment, casting tools and equipment, CSSD instruments.
  • Maintain and enhance own knowledge through mandatory training, continuing education, training and research activities.
  • Be competent in advanced resuscitation skills, including defibrillation and basic airway management.
  • Use the highest level of interpersonal communication skills to break down barriers and develop inter-professional collaborative working relationships with staff hospital wide.

IMMEDIATE PLACEMENTS for candidates with fluent English, meeting all the above requirements.

Job Overview

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