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Jobs in Malta have been on high demand in the past 10 (ten) years, what with the booming tourist industry, a cultural shift into professional elderly care and the ever-growing iGaming companies population – there are over 250 registered companies with more than 495 licenses right now.

All these possibilities of employment, together with the island’s standard of living, make Malta top the list for job seekers in Europe.  That also means that for every job opening, a recruiter might get on average 50 applications – meaning they only get about three minutes to skim through your CV before they decide if you’re in or out of their shortlist.

We know all this from first hand and just for you we compiled the list of 10 (ten) ways to improve your CV so that you can stand out of the crowd and land that job in Malta:


“Use basic font, leave your favourite, flashy, colourful font for party invitations.”

  1. Point form

Make every word count.  Remember, you only have 3 minutes to capture the recruiter’s attention. Use point form wherever possible, it will be easier to skim through, increasing your chance of being shortlisted.

  1. Contact details

Put your contact details right after your name.  If they pick you for an interview, the details have to be right at hand. You can leave your home address out – no one sends snail mail anymore. Email and mobile phone number are enough.

  1. Strengths at a glance

The next important step is a very concise summary of who you are – no more than three lines.  Change this for every job application, highlighting factors and skills you have that make you a valuable fit for the open position.

4. Avoid Big Words

Leave cliché words for the dictionary and the faint-hearted.  Recruiters see CVs all day.  Don’t be yet another boring CV.  Quote words a previous employer or manager used to compliment your work.

  1. Highlight job experience and studies directly applicable to the position

Take the time to write a 3 to 4-line description for your previous job experience, skills or studies that apply to the position you are currently on.  Anything else you want to add you can put in the list.


  1. Simple is better

Leave your favourite, flashy, colourful font for party invitations.  When it comes to CVs, use basic fonts. 

  1. Templates

Save yourself the hassle of drafting a new CV, which you aren’t sure will work. There are plenty of tried and tested CV templates out there. Please make use of them.  Just tweak templates here and there to fit your profile.


  1. Photo

This part has been debated far and wide.  Does your picture on your CV assist in the prejudicial picking of candidates? Could be.  We believe, however, that in any case, your appearance will be a factor when you interview.  So why not take a clean, professional photo to add at the top part of the CV next to your name?

Note: Refrain from using Facebook photos or selfies.  Take the time to take a picture especially for your CV.  Passport style – nothing in the background, only this is not your ID; it’s okay to smile.



  1. Spellcheck

Make sure you’ve taken the time to prepare and write your CV.  Dedicate another 2 minutes to go through it, making sure there are no spelling mistakes or formatting errors that will put you directly out of the game.


  1. LinkedIn and Online Profiles

Once you have your finalised CV, use it to its full potential by placing it online, increasing your chance of being sought out even when you are not actively looking for a job.


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