The luggage to start from the scratch

Various reasons drive us to embark on new paths and start from scratch in a new country. For some, it may be the lack of job opportunities; for others, the desire to turn around their professional careers; for some fleeing from unsafe or violent places; and for many others, love is the engine that crosses borders. Whatever the reason that drives you to start from scratch, I want to share the five essential things that I brought in my luggage to manage the fear of starting over, here in Malta.

The most important thing, and what should take up the most space in your suitcase, is your future vision. Knowing what you want allows you to focus all your efforts and find meaning in your decisions. When the unexpected and problems appear in the form of fears wanting to force us to go back, your vision of the future will be your best ally in standing firm in your purpose. 

Your values are essential for winter, spring, summer, and autumn; they should be in your suitcase and even in your handbag because they combine with all kinds of situations throughout the year. They are your stamp; your principles are the basis of your professional image, and you cannot give them up. They talk about your country of origin, who is in your family, and who you are.

Arriving in Malta is a challenging experience for many. It is an island, and they have two official languages and different customs and lifestyles. For me, this adventure involved a flight of more than 20 hours, learning a new language, and understanding how to live in a country with seasons and food that are different from the tastes at home. It is possible to go through all this and more if you have in your luggage a desire to learn.

What will happen to my professional career? Will I be able to find a job that I like? These were doubts that occupied my mind and filled me with fear. Flexibility was a tool that allowed me to rediscover my talents and learn new ones. It was being flexible that allowed me to make new contacts, make friends, and start building a professional image on this beautiful island.

Finally, and most important in any process of change, pack tons of patience because, like any new challenge, it is full of ups and downs. Patience is a virtue that helps you in the adaptation process, it helps you understand that no matter the size of your steps, you will reach your destination. So, enjoy your path.

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