Client Testimonials

M Recruitment offers exceptional employment and HR management consultancy services in the catering, leisure and hospitality industries. We are based in Malta and have a branch office in Budapest, Hungary. We place candidates from all over Malta and Gozo.
Dario Asciutto

Adam Demanuele

FINALLY !! I succeeded in finding a recruitment company which feels more like an HR department within my company rather than a third party!
M Recruitment distinguish themselves in truly understanding who their client is, their needs and what type of employees would fit in well within the company.  They filter through their long list of applicants and manage to always select the right candidates that meet my criteria.
Since I have been working with M Recruitment, even my clients have remarked on the high quality of my staff.  The agency have not only eased the searching process but they relieved me from the tedious, never ending paperwork that is involved in applying for the visas and permits.
I cannot praise enough the sterling services M Recruitment has provided me with

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